Welcome to MantArt!

We wish you a warm welcome to MANTART!

What is MANTART?

MANTART is the expert in underwater photo- and video-graphy.

During many years of diving in South East Asia, Underwater Photography started to be as my passion. At the beginning I simply wanted to document my trips and  impression of an amazing and wonderful underwater world with its great and colourful variety of corals and creatures. Taking simply shots of the underwater world was not enough, I always tried to achieve improvements of the quality of my taken pictures and  needed skills – and it is an ongoing demand to myself ‘never ever stop to make a step forward’.

With this given experience, taken pictures from the underwater world became now the

Art of Underwater Photography

in many different fields of underwater photography like:

  •  WIde Angle
  • Close Focus Wide Angle
  • Macro
  • Super Macro
  • Silhouette
  • Under-Over (Half-Half)

Now the time is ready to share my knowledge and experience with other divers who want to start taking pictures under water or want to improve their skill in UW photography.

With this internet presentation I want to share information about my diving trips to South East Asia and sharing pictures from an still amazing underwater world. The so called ‘coral triangle’ is famous for their biodiversity, 75% of the world coral species can be found there.

Furthermore I want to provide people skills in underwater photography, different kind of needed equipment and how to use this tools for different kind of underwater photography.

Beside diving and taking UW shots, site seeing is always a must if one visit this multi cultural and economic hotspot area. World metropolises like Hongkong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai can easily be reached.

As my diving destinations are always apart from the touristic mainstream, visiting  of  cultural places on very remote places are a must. Touraja in central Sulawesi, famous for people celebrating the mystics of the death as part of the daily life or Pukit Tingi located in the heart of Sumatra where Japanies army left their traces of the 2nd world war behind would be 2 examples.

Now, why is it called MANTART?

One of my first big fishes I have seen in tropical seas during a dive trip on a live aboard to Komodo Islands in Indonesia were Manta Rays. This graceful animals seemingly flying like birds through the water have given me the inspiration to be part of the name of my homepage. With taking pictures from subjects under the sea became the demand  to be the Art of taking pictures form great perspectives and view people normally don’t recognise, the name


has been born.